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Mac Tip - Formatting Hard Drives

Recently, a customer asked if our drives come formatted, and if not, how to go about formatting the drive.

Our SSD hard drives do come formatted, but we do not format our other hard drives drives prior to shipment (mainly this is due to the wide array of machines the drives can go in, from PCs to Macs.)

As far as getting the drive formatted, the best option for that in most situations is to create a bootable USB drive. This will allow you to "boot" the machine from the USB drive, then navigate to the "Utilities" menu where you can access the "Disk Utility" application.

The Disk Utility will let you format your drive and turn it into a viable location for OS installation. What you will do is "erase" the drive in Disk Utility. This will automatically do the formatting for you.

Creating a bootable drive is pretty complex, so I am going to outsource the directions for creating a bootable drive to the folks at OSXDaily, it is pretty comprehensive.

There is both a manual method, and an automated application that they have as well that is discussed here.