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How to Install Memory in your Mac Mini

If you need to install new Mac Mini RAM, do not hesitate to call us at 1-800-831-4569 or by email at  You can also find installation guides and videos regarding RAM for Mac Mini machines.  To prepare, be sure to turn off, unplug and remove any cords. Have a clean area where you will be able to work. Make sure to discharge any static electricity before you begin work by touching something metal.

mac mini memory

Installing and Upgrading Your Memory

The newer versions of the Mac Mini Model ID 4,1 through 6,2 all have a simple installation process.  Turn off the Mac Mini and make sure all cables are disconnected. Turn the Mini upside down and place it on a soft towel. Place your thumbs on each side of the circular cover on the bottom and rotate counterclockwise to remove it. You can spread the ejector clips then remove the memory carefully by pulling it out of the slot. Do this to all instances of the memory you want to replace. Put in the new memory, carefully angling it into the slot and pressing gently until you hear it click into place. Replace the bottom cover and then turn on the Mini.

Older versions of the Mac Mini, Model ID 1,1 through 3,1, unfortunately have a more complicated installation process.  To read a guide on how to take apart your Mac Mini and learn how to upgrade the memory yourself, please view this Mac Mini Take Apart Guide.