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How to Install Memory in your Mac Pro

If you need installation help with your Mac Pro Memory Upgrade , do not hesitate to call us at 1-800-831-4569 or You may also find Mac Pro RAM Upgrade videos and the installation guides helpful for answering some of your questions about installing memory into your Mac Pro.  In order to prepare for a Mac Pro RAM Upgrade installation, you want to make sure you turn them off and unplug and remove any power cords. Have a clean area where you will be able to work.

Installing and Upgrading Your Memory

After turning off your Mac Pro and waiting for it to cool for about 5 to 10 minutes, you want to touch the metal of the computer to discharge any buildup of static electricity. Remove the side panel from the computer, and then remove the latches to access the processor tray. Pull on the tabs and remove the riser-card. You can pull out the card and lay it on a flat surface.

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You can replace old memory and install new, or you can simply add more memory. If you plan on adding more memory, then in the example of Apple’s Mac Pro Model ID 1,1, some of these machines were shipped with their original memory configuration of each 512MB DDR2-667Mhz FB-DIMM in position 1 on each riser.  Whenever you add more than one pair, you have to re-arrange these original Apple FB-DIMMs for your machine to work.

In this example, a customer needs to move one of the 512MB DIMMs so the pair is in positions 1 and 2 on one riser, while the new pair of FB-DIMMs is installed in positions 1 and 2 on the other riser.

You can refer to our blog post here for more information: Mac Tip Adding Memory To Your Mac Pro.

When taking memory out, make sure you release the ejectors first. Push the plastic ejectors to the side, and you will be able to remove the old memory. For the Mac Pro 1,1 through 3,1, you must install FB-DIMMs in a matched pair.  For the Mac Pro 4,1 and 5,1, you can install memory in any number and configuration, but your machine will get a boost from installing three identical modules of memory at a time to activate tri-channel configuration and receive a performance boost. Make sure you line up the notches of the DIMM while you then firmly place the new memory into the slot. The plastic ejectors will close automatically when you do this, so you do not have to do it manually. Then, replace the processor tray into the computer and press until you hear it click. You will then be able to replace the side panel.