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Installation Guides for iMac RAM Upgrades

Installing new RAM for iMac machines requires knowing your Model Identifier.  If you’ve never installed memory, or you feel you need help, do not hesitate to call us at 1-800-831-4569 or by email at

Installation Videos and Guides - The videos and the installation guides you will find here will be able to answer all of your questions about installing memory into your iMac.


With all of the different types of machines, you want to make sure you turn them off and unplug and remove any cords. Have a clean area where you will be able to work and make sure you are not going to be install memory imacdamaging the LCD screen. You can use a soft towel to cover the screen while working with the iMac.

Installing and Upgrading Your Memory

One of the common misconceptions of the general public is they should lay the computer down. Instead, you want to tilt the screen up as far as it can go. You will need a small screwdriver to remove the plate on the bottom of the screen. You will then see the memory compartment and slots. Unroll the black plastic tab and pull straight down on the tab with your fingers to remove the RAM. The modules will drop out of the slots into your hand. Insert the new modules securely in the slot and press quite hard to ensure the modules are seated properly. Make sure you insert the RAM in the correct orientation, gold pins facing upward and with the slot in the memory on the right hand side. You will feel the module shift into place in the slot and hear a click when the module is seated, but give the module an extra shove to make sure it is seated correctly and fully into the slot. After installing your new modules, tuck the plastic tab back up and into the slot, replace the access panel plate and screw it back onto the screen, plug all cords back in to set up the computer, and start it.