iMac Flat Panel Apple Slot Installation Guide


iMac Flat Panel Apple Slot Installation:

Tools: Jewelers Phillips Screwdriver, Torx T-15 Screwdriver

1. Lay the machine face down, so you can access the underside of the hemispherical base.

step 1 

2. Using the jewelers screwdriver, carefully remove the bottom base plate screws.

3. Once screws are removed, remove the base plate. The base should come off relatively easily (age and environmental conditions can affect this.)

 step 2

4. With the base plate removed, the four torx screws will be accessible. Using a torx screwdriver, carefully remove the screws. 

step 3 

5. With the screws now removed, you will be able to separate the upper portion of the computer base from the lower portion, exposing the interior of the machine. You will need to detach the cable holding the halves together.

step 4 

6. With the Apple slot now exposed, press down on the clamps holding the original RAM module in place. Carefully remove the module. 

step 5 

7. Now replace with your new module. Make sure the module is firmly seated in the Apple slot by pressing down on both edges of the module until the side clips close. Do not close these clips manually; they will close themselves when the module is fully seated. 

step 6

8. Once RAM module is in place and seated properly, reconnect the two halves of the base.  Replace the four torx screw, and then replace the bottom base plate and replace screws.