iMac Flat Panel User Slot Installation Guide


iMac Flat Panel User Slot Installation:

Tools: Jewelers Phillips Screwdriver

1. Lay the machine face down, so you can access the underside of the hemispherical base.

step 1 

2. Using the jewelers screwdriver, carefully remove the bottom base plate screws.

step 2

3. Once screws are removed, remove the base plate. The base should come off relatively easily (age and environmental conditions can affect this.)

 step 3

4. The user slot is the slot to the right of the image.  Line your module up with the notch in the user slot. Place the RAM module in the slot at an approximately 20° angle. 

step 4 

6. While the SO-DIMM is still at it's 20° up angle, press it down into the slot from the top corner edges of the RAM module. It should seat down 1-2mm to engage fully in the slot. 

7. Lay the module down into its final position. You should hear a slight click when module is firmly in place. Check to make sure pins are not showing unevenly. 

step 5 

8. Replace the base plate and replace screws.